Social media has become an essential part of any business. Users automatically search for brands online to see what they’re about and to assess the brand’s creativity, credibility, and loyalty towards its audience. We can help build your social media channels by starting with a detailed strategy with ideas that fit your brand, all while keeping the latest trends and marketing services in mind. Having a great presence on social media will surely change the game for you, trust us.

Setup package
Social Media Accounts
Setting up facebook manager
Social Media Advertising Accounts

Social Media Content Creation
From written content to visual and audiovisual, your brand’s posts are based on a number of factors including identity, purpose, style and the demographics of the audience on each respective channel. We will provide your followers with relevant, interactive and diversified content, striking a balance between informative and entertaining at all times.

Community Management
Passively posting content on social media channels is never a winning strategy. Building an online community through discussions and interactions is the basis of community management, something we are incredibly specialized in. We want your customers to feel connected with your brand. Thus, we will provide your followers with round-the-clock customer service via your online channels.

If you’re looking to connect with your audience in an intimate manner, activations are your answer. We develop interactive and engaging games and competitions that will certainly help your brand secure a connection with its target group. Active interaction overrules passive posts anytime, anywhere.

Reporting Tools
We are not afraid of showing you the real-life effects of our work. That is why we will provide you with periodic reports that put your goals and audience behavior under the microscope. Through this, we will surely highlight your KPIs in extreme detail, leaving no room for questions. But of course, if you have any, we are all ears.

Listening Tools
Social listening tools can help you gather and analyze customer data from a variety of social media and online review platforms in order to use the data to improve marketing, operational and business metrics.