A piece of ground

How it all came together.

Zein started her career as a graphic designer. She would work from a coffee shop on Hamra street on her small, black laptop. Nice and quiet as it may sound, she started to feel lonely and struggled to make ends meet. So, she made the decision to work for an agency, hoping it would work for her.

Though she succeeded in landing one, then another agency job, Zein ended up quitting them both, not only because going to work every day felt more like a duty than a daily habit to enjoy, but especially because of the toxic work environment where employees were poorly treated.

Determined to succeed, she decided to partner with a friend to work on their own projects. However, after some time, Zein realized that each of them had a different vision for their firm, but she was eager to learn and grow, so she worked on the extra projects after her working hours. Eventually, each went on her way.

The one common and most important lesson those experiences have given Zein was the importance of teamwork for magic to happen. With such realization, Zein started her own boutique agency; an agency whose number-one asset is its team; an agency that prides itself in having a positive, healthy environment where team members trust and support rather than step on each other. To her, this is what a company has always been about – teamwork, hard work, respect and honesty.