A piece of ground

How it all came together.

Graduated. Excited. Eager to work and grow. Little did Zein know the job market would be filled with toxic work environments where gossip, laziness, and lack of empathy and respect conquered the hierarchy.

After having worked for other companies, Zein could not quite understand why workplaces couldn’t resemble a second home, a second family. After a lot of contemplation and planning, Zein started her own creative agency – one that puts both teams and clients above all else, prides itself on its positive and healthy environment, encourages growth and change, and builds strong bonds. A place where decisions are made in the best interest of the entire family, and where open communication prevails. A workplace that strikes the perfect balance between working hard and playing hard. One that works tirelessly to collaborate with clients to produce the best results.

It is fun. It is filled with coffee. It is overflowing with hardwork. These elements lie at the core of Zein Design!